Comprehensive Marketing Audit for General Practices


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Book this ‘Comprehensive Marketing Audit for General Practices’ to get a complete overview on the inner workings of the marketing efforts at your Practice.

Key outcomes for your Practice include-

  • Attaining a holistic view of your Practice marketing efforts
  • Knowing how effective you’re marketing efforts are currently
  • Understanding how well set up the infrastructure of your marketing channels are
  • Be aware if you’re measuring your Practice marketing ROI correctly
  • How to improve your Practice marketing efforts with immediate and “need attention” action lists
  • What are the most impactful next steps to take for your practice to increase the results of your Practice Revenue measurements (Average Hourly Rate, Fail To Attends, New v Existing Patient Appointment)

What are some key benefits of a Marketing Audit?
A Marketing Audit will:

  • Ensure you are using appropriate marketing channels
  • Reinforce the most suitable marketing activity for you
  • Check the strength of your marketing funnel
  • Confirm your brand connects with your audience
  • Streamline the next 12 months of activity for best results

It is recommended to complete at least 1 x Marketing Audit every 12 months.


Once you purchase the package, our team will be in touch with you to complete the following steps-

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