Activating and Guiding Not-for-profits and Charities

CMBG ensures your Non-Profit Marketing efforts meets their purpose and your mission

CMBG has broad expertise and understanding of marketing requirements and activities within the non-profit sector (including not-for-profits, charities and B-Corp organisations), working with ACNC and industry guidelines. We know how to communicate your message, connect with donors, encourage partnerships and generate awareness for those in need.

From creating branded fundraising platforms, launching social media, guiding volunteer marketing programs, managing campaigns and more, CMBG is invested in your excellent work. We want to help your non-profit achieve awareness, growth, and confidence to make the difference you set out to make and help you continue your work for the community.


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Fund Raising Platforms

CMBG works with non-profit organisations in setting up their marketing and branding, which includes designing online fundraising platforms, setting up donation portals, implementing event management programs, cloud-based integrations and more.

Sponsorship Marketing

CMBG works with non-profit organisations to create a sponsorship marketing plan to increase awareness and appeal to donors. This includes integrating a marketing funnel strategy and using content marketing, network marketing, events marketing, sponsorship kits and more.

Digital Support Groups

CMBG works with non-profit organisations to set up and guide the transformation of digital support groups and programs to interact with members based on the organisations' goals. This is through using offline and online channels and considering your audiences' consumption behaviours.


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Marketing Guidance

CMBG spend time with you 1:1 across a single Q&A consulting session or multiple consulting sessions to understand your brand, your problems, evaluate your efforts, identify your areas of improvement, and recommend solutions to meet your goals.

Branding Set Up

CMBG work with you to create, design and set up all the key elements of your brand identity. These elements include Brand Name, Tone, Logo, Colour Scheme, Font and Letterhead. These elements will be part of and form your Brand Guidelines.

Social Media Set up

CMBG help you set up the key social media channels that your brand needs to be on to engage with your target audience and stand out from your competitors. This includes set up of Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and more.

Marketing Team Set Up

CMBG work with you to understand your business set up, help you allocate roles to different members of your team based on their expertise and how they can assist with marketing. This includes documented guidances.

Website Design

CMBG help you plan the optimal website for your customers' journey, design the site with what you want and what you need. Using the best website platform for your purpose (WordPress, Shopify, Wix, Squarespace and more), websites designed by CMBG include integrating it with any programs and application used by your organisation.

Brand Vision Set Up

Working hand in hand with your Branding Set up, CMBG help you understand and formally create the Mission and Values for your brand and team to adhere to. These elements will be part of and form your Brand Guidelines.

Process Standardisation

Marketing Process Standardisation is a key element if you have a large team, have multiple people working on your brand and/or have multiple offices. CMBG will work with you and your key stakeholders to create a process to ensure that your brand is represented consistently visually and vocally across the board.

Search Engine Marketing

CMBG help your brand appear on search engines such as Google by setting up a strategy to rank high when your target audience search for your services online in your area. This is through organic and paid awareness strategies that include Search Engine Optimisation.

Awareness Advertising

Whether you need to bring your brand to market or need to push out a key communication, CMBG will utilise a combination of word of mouth, paid and local channels to communicate and introduce your brand to your target audience. This will be across digital, local and ambient formats.

EDM Marketing Program

CMBG help you set up an effective EDM marketing program (sms, email or letters) that integrates with your brand communications. This includes automated and 1:1 communications that are service based, seasonal and set to purpose for lead generation, relationship building, reputation enhancement and more.

Copy Optimisation

CMBG activates your brand's essence by utilising the information you provide us to optimise the copy for the content across all your communications on digital and social media platforms. All copy is optimised in line with your brand guidelines.

Videography/ Photography

CMBG helps you connect and engage with your target audience through impactful, descriptive, valuable video and photo content. This can be in the form of team photos, event photos, introductory videos, service highlight videos and more.

Other Expert Services

The above are only some of the many services CMBG offer. We also offer custom needs-based services across Event Marketing, Webinar Program Set Up, Marketing Campaigns and more.

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