Consistent marketing audits are essential for continued business success

Review, Reflect, Reinforce & Improve

Not sure where to start or how you’re doing with your marketing? Sometimes, it’s hard to know how effective you’re being, how to improve, and what’s your most impactful next step to take. So, before you do anything, let us audit your current marketing efforts and give you comprehensive feedback to build an effective marketing strategy.

Why complete a Marketing Audit?

Do you know how your marketing is performing? Has technology and trends changed since you first planned your marketing? Are you reaching your customers and prospects?

If you’re in any doubt, CMBG offers a range of marketing audit packages that will bring your current marketing efforts into focus and in line with your business goals matched with modern marketing expectations.

What are some key benefits of a Marketing Audit?

A Marketing Audit will:

– Ensure you are using appropriate marketing channels
Reinforce the most suitable marketing activity for you
– Check the strength of your marketing funnel
– Confirm your brand connects with your audience
– Streamline the next 12 months of activity for best results

Who are Marketing Audits for?

Marketing Audits are for businesses looking to review and validate their marketing efforts, check the health of their brand, and look at ways to improve.

It is recommended to complete at least 1 x Marketing Audit every 12 months.



Below are the steps for a Comprehensive Marketing Audit. This audit will give your business a complete overview on the inner-workings of your marketing efforts. Based on your business needs, the audit steps may be slightly varied:

Step 1: Preliminary Comprehensive Questionnaire
This questionnaire gives us insight into who you are, who your customers are, your current marketing efforts, what’s working and what isn’t working. CMBG will review your questionnaire to develop feedback for your Review and Recommendations.

Step 2: Online Deliverables Review
We will conduct an internal and external audit of your online channels, presence, and their impact during this step. This step may require giving us access to your channels, such as your website for us to examine.

Step 3: 45-minute Marketing Audit Review Meeting
Once we’ve received and reviewed your questionnaire, your online deliverables, and all marketing materials, we will schedule a 45-minute video meeting to present our feedback, reinforcing what is working, suggesting what can be improved and discussing your action items.

Step 4: Marketing Improvement Plan
Following your 45-minute meeting, we will provide you with a concise e-document covering our review and recommendations from your marketing audit. This will be for your business to use as a reference and will include some bonus content such as setting up a marketing calendar, free essential marketing software and more.


Completing a Comprehensive Marketing Audit may not be what your business needs at this stage, as you may need more information on a specific area. Therefore, we have developed a range of Specific Marketing Audits to help you deliver your marketing results and drive your business forward. Specific Marketing Audits follow similar steps to a Comprehensive Marketing Audit with adjusted tailoring based on your needs:


WHAT'S INCLUDED? Audit of your Website Performance, Key Traffic sources, Analytics and User behaviour, Content, Search Engine Ranking, Conversion points, Customer Journey Review & More.


WHAT'S INCLUDED? Audit of your brand presence, logo, tone, customers, goals and more. We will audit how your branding is performing based on how you expect it to and how you need it to.


WHAT'S INCLUDED? Audit of social media channels, social influence, content, growth, advertising and more. The audit covers all social media platforms you use, including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, GMB, TikTok, YouTube and Pinterest.


We can complete a custom audit for you if you need an account for specific areas of your marketing, such as your reputation, offline collateral, retail journey, e-commerce platform, marketing team set up, and more.


To get started, fill out your details below. You can also email us on or call us on 03 9099 0719

As with all of our services, your investment can be to the level you currently need and focus on the areas relevant to your current activities. At the end of the audit, you’ll have a holistic view of what’s working for you and the impact your marketing is having on your audience in line with your organisation goals.